Member Societies

Member Societies

American Society of Naturalists (ASN)

The oldest scientific society dedicated to the study of ecology, evolution and behaviour, the goal of the society is to advance and to diffuse knowledge of organic evolution and other broad biological principles so as to enhance the conceptual unification of the biological sciences.

Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE) / Société canadienne d’écologie et d’évolution (SCEE)

The Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE) is a non-partisan group of practicing ecologists and evolutionary biologists from throughout Canada. The objectives of CSEE are: (1) to promote the study of ecology and evolution in Canada, (2) to raise public awareness of the importance of ecology and evolution to Canadian Society, (3) to facilitate communication between members of the Society and decision-makers in the public, private and non-governmental sectors, and (4) to act as a liaison with Federal and Provincial funding agencies to support and promote ecological and evolutionary research in Canada.

La Société canadienne d’écologie et d’évolution (SCEE) est un regroupement indépendant d’écologistes et de biologistes de l’évolution du Canada. Les objectifs de la SCEE sont de : (1) promouvoir l’étude de l’écologie et de l’évolution au Canada, (2) éveiller la conscience publique à l’importance de l’écologie et de l’évolution pour la société canadienne, (3) faciliter la communication entre les membres de la Société et les décideurs dans les secteurs publics, privés et non gouvernementaux, (4) agir en tant que liaison avec les agences fédérales et provinciales de financement de la recherche afin de soutenir et promouvoir la recherche en écologie et en évolution au Canada.

European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB)

The ESEB is an academic society that brings together over 1200 evolutionary biologists from Europe and the rest of the world – researchers, academic teachers, students, as well as journalists and other persons interested in evolution.

Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE)

The Society was founded in March, 1946 with the objectives of promoting the study of organic evolution and the integration of the various fields of science concerned with evolution.

Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB)

The objective of the Society of Systematic Biologists is the advancement of the science of systematic biology in all its aspects of theory, principles, methodology, and practice, for both living and fossil organisms, with emphasis on areas of common interest to all systematic biologists regardless of individual specialization.